Is it a Home Buyers Market In Fort Mill?

The quick answer is yes. It seems to be a buyers market for home sales almost everywhere thanks to the media. The media pounds us everyday with bad news about the credit industry, foreclosures, high gas prices, the weak dollar, etc. Some of it is true and some is, well just over exaggerated to say it nicley. So most potential home buyers today think it is a buyers market no matter where they are looking. But we still have a lot of people looking at homes for sale in our area.

So as a potential home buyer in the York County or south Charlotte area what can you expect? Our area has not seen the double or triple digit increases in home values like Florida, northeast, and southwest part of the country in the last few years. Our home values have seen moderate growth. You can find many articles and reports on how our homes have held their values in the last few months. Homes are taking longer to sell today then last year.  If you are coming from one of the over inflated markets, low ball offers on solid (non foreclosures), well kept homes in our area will most likely cause the seller to not want to negotiate. If you want extreme bargains look for foreclosures.

If you are a seller, just putting a sign in your yard today won’t cut it like last year. You need to price your home for today’s market conditions. Many current real estate articles suggest pricing your home without negotiating wiggle room. Carmen can better assist you with your selling price strategy. Other selling tips include boosting your curb appeal. Click here to see Carmen’s tips and Century’s 21’s brochure for more curb appeal and home staging info. If your budget allows, invest in bigger improvements in the make or break it key rooms like the kitchen or bathrooms.

So to sum it up, don’t assume our area has gone completely cold and prices falling dramatically because of the negative national real estate news reports. If you would like to do your own market research, Carmen has a great tool called the MLS Market Snapshot (for Buyers and Sellers). The system is from a company called Top Producer. The MLS Market Snapshot tool searches current home sales and listings in a defined area and reports to you automatically on a monthly basis via email on the current trend. She probably does not want me to say this but she is paying for it and the report is absolutely free for you to use. Carmen has the MLS Snapshot tool on her blog and website.


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    Carmen, great blog! I agree with you on the media’s impact on real estate. I am convinced that they want us to believe that there are only two kinds of people in the world; those that can’t afford to buy a home, and those that can’t afford to keep their home.

    I have seen several ridiculously low offers on some of my listings lately. While as the buyers’ representative we are required to deliver any and all offers they tell us to make, we need to help them understand that not every home for sale is on the brink of foreclosure.

    I’m putting your site on my blogroll. I’ll be back to visit.

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