Features Home Buyers Really Want Even In Tega Cay

What features help sell your home faster? What features are more desirable to a buyer and bring you more bang for the buck?

The National Association of Realtors® gathered information from over 2500 home buyers nationally that purchased a home in 2007. Repeat buyers placed more importance than first-time buyers on almost all home features.


Here are some of the highlights of the survey:

  • The most important feature was central air-conditioning. 74% of the respondents listed central air as very important.  A very important feature surviving the summers in Tega Cay, SC.    
  • Next in line was a garage with 2 or more spaces.  This was the most significant change between the NAR’s 2004 survey to the 2007.

Other important features were:

  • Walk-in closets in the master bedroom which was ranked higher by older buyers
  • Backyard or play area which was more important to younger buyers
  • Hardwood floors
  • Granite countertops.
  • Cable or satellite TV readiness.
  • High-speed Internet access.

Respondents said they would pay more for a home that has:

  • waterfront property, a no brainer for our area in my opinion.
  • Oversized garages.
  • Central Air.

 90 percent of the respondents said energy efficiency was important in a buying decision. I bet energy efficiency will now rank higher in future surveys.  


The typical home purchased during the survey period was 12 years old, 1,840

square feet in size, and had three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The national median price was $205,000.


Other changes between the 2004 survey and 2007 are:

  • The size of the typical home purchased increased by about 100 square feet.
  • Over four-fifths are detached, single-family homes
  • More than half are in the suburbs

 And what did buyers do once they moved in? Nearly half of home buyers remodeled or made improvements to their kitchen, and close to half remodeled or improved a bathroom.

Source: NAR’s Profile of Buyers’ Home Feature Preferences (2007)

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