WHERE ARE RATES HEADED? Update Fort Mill Mortgage Rates

Post From Loan Officer Olan Carder

This is always the million dollar question. I get asked more than anything else, “Where are rates? Where are rates going? What are rates about to do?”

This is a tough question for the average loan officer because although we deal with rates all day everyday, many loan officers don’t

Tega Cay Homes Sales Up 47 Percent May and June 2010


National home sale contracts off 30 percent in May 2010 compared to April 2010 as reported by the National Realtor Association. Not a big surprise based on the fact that the home buyer tax credit deadline was April 30th. So how did Tega Cay home sales do for the first half of 2010?

Tega Cay Homes Sales Report Comparing 2009 to 2008


Tega Cay Homes Sales Compare 2009 to 2008
Since we are coming to the close of the 2009 year, I prepared an analysis of home sales in Tega Cay SC comparing total home sales in 2009 to home sales in 2008. 77 homes sold in Tega Cay 2009 under $400,000 compared to 97 homes in 2008. This represents approximately 21 percent fewer homes sold in 2009.

Fort Mill Real Estate Home Sales Comparison May 2009


Downtown Fort Mill SC Its time for the Fort Mill real estate homes sales update for May 2009. The report is specifically for May 2009 single family homes sales in the Fort Mill SC and Fort Mill township area.

The report compares May 2009 single family home sales to