What Drives Mortgage Rates Video By Olan Carder

The Federal Reserve does not set mortgage rates. Mortgage companies don’t even really have control over rates going up or down on a daily basis! Who is really behind the mortgage rate market? Well, interestingly enough it could be YOU! The general investing public has a huge impact on mortgage rates moving up or down. Watch this video to learn more…

Locking in your rate at the right time could save you thousands of dollars!  You wouldn’t invest in the stock market blind would you?  If you couldn’t follow a stock and do research about a company you probably wouldn’t buy any stocks.  Most people lock in a mortgage rate without any insight into the MBS market.  If you want to learn more about mortgage rates and products contact Olan Carder at ocarder@1asmc.com.  Ask to be put on Olan’s RateAlert email and he will forward you updates throughout the day so you know the truth about mortgage rates!

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    I really appreciate Olan Carder’s explanation about mortgage rates driving factors. Very well explained in a short span of time. The public should see this video for more understanding and learn something worthwhile in the end. A very nice post!

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    Great video from Olan Carder. By viewing this video, the general public can gain a better understanding of the factors that drive mortgage rates. By understanding these factors, buyers can be better informed and hopefully make better decisions about their mortgage. It is highly recommended no matter what market you are from.

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    Having worked with and around Olan in the mortgage industry (my past life), I can tell you that Olan knows his stuff, maybe even more than I did! Seriously, Olan gives great advice, terrific service and is someone you can trust to be honest and open with you.

    Great stuff Olan!

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