Dec 2010 Mortgage Tips For Fort Mill Home Buyers

Loan officer Olan Carder with American Security Mortgage sent out a video today to real estate agents with a couple mortgage tips or recommendations. Here is recap of Olan’s message…

Olan’s first message is about potential home buyers. If you are waiting for the new year to make a home purchase decision or closing, you may want to know mortgage rates are inching up slightly. Olan sees momentum in the bond market to move rates up in the future. So you may want to consider locking in a rate now in case there a chance rates go higher the first of the year.

Another mortgage tip is about mortgage tax deduction if you closed on a home this year. Most know you can use your mortgage interest payment as a deduction at tax time. What you may miss is some or all of the upfront insurance premium costs or funding fee for government type loans, FHA, VA, USDA, are also tax deductible. Check with your tax consultant to see if you qualify for this type of deduction.

For more tips or questions, contact Olan Carder

Olan Carder

American Security Mortgage
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    Maybe a move in interest rates will get some buyers off the fence. Trouble is they are still afraid of prices still dropping. Until we get a perceived “bottom” in prices not much is going to happen in my opinion.

    Great site by the way. We are down in Beaufort SC.


  2. says

    Good comments about the “bottom”. Maybe the extended tax cut action will help move things along. Thanks for the compliment.

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    Rates Moving Higher FAST… RIGHT NOW!!

    Mortgage Bond market is a blood bath right now… off almost 100 points which is huge. This could signal the end of these low 4% rates we have enjoyed.

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    We’ve just posted a blog on the same topic. With interest rates inching up every week for the past four weeks, and the pundits predicting a flight from bonds I think the handwriting is on the wall. The time to buy is now!

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