Warning Positive Home Sales News Maybe Dangerous To Your Health!

 Warning: The Sturgeon General advices you to be careful reading or listening to positive homes sales news which maybe dangerous to your health or at least a shock to your system compared to the normal news environment. Care should be taken when reading or listening to positive news.

I get up every morning with a positive attitude with the goal to make it a positive day. During my morning drive to work I listen to the news talk radio station. I don’t know about you but I almost hate turning on the radio or any news these days. My positive attitude flies right out the window after listening to a few minutes of the morning economic news. Most of the news seems to be about the bad housing market, failing mortgage market, and of course the main headline these days the high gas prices. So here is my attempt to go against the news trend and share some good news for a change.

The National Association of Realtors® released this week their homes sales forecast based on April’s pending home sales index data. April’s index showed a national gain in homes sale contracts of 6.3% over March.  NAR’s economists forecast a continued moderate home sales increase in the next few months and it may get better in the second half of the year.  

The West coast has shown the most improvement. Positive sales growth was also felt in the Midwest and the South. The Northeast was still showing a decline by 1.9%. Pending homes sales numbers have picked up significantly in areas seeing significant home value price drops like the West. But economists predict home values will stabilize in most areas in the second half of the year.


As for the Fort Mill, Tega Cay SC area, the Charlotte Regional Realtors Association reported steady increases each month from January through April which is consistent with the NAR report. The total homes under contract nationally and locally are below last years numbers but the positive news here is the sales are gaining each month. 


I apologize if this news is shocking to you. I know this is not the normal news you hear now days. I hope this news may brighten your day or moment until the next negative news story hits. It’s no problem, this positive info is free of charge. Maybe I should listen to those old 8 tracks in the car instead of the radio news. Ops, I am dating myself. Enjoy the positive news for moment at least.


This ends the postive news warning….


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