Charlotte NC Ranked 9th Most Miserable City?

So are we miserable living in and around Charlotte? Forbes released their “America’s Most Miserable Cities report” report. They and other consultants looked at the largest 150 cities and scored the cities by using 6 “misery measures” which are unemployment, personal tax rates, commute times, weather, crime, and that toxic waste dump in your backyard. Charlotte, according to Forbes was surprisingly ranked 9th most miserable. One of the stated reasons was Charlotte has been experiencing a high growth rate (32%) over the last decade.

I disagree with this report. I moved to the area 3 years ago and find the area great to live and work in. Now it may depend on where you live in the Charlotte area and your past experiences.

I moved from Houston. So when locals complain about bad traffic I laugh. But again it is all relative to where you came from and your past experiences. I suppose if you were born and raised in Charlotte it maybe overwhelming. Most of my friends and neighbors are transplants from the northeast or west. All relocated to this neck of the woods because it is better.

One more point swaying my opinion. I actually live in the Tega Cay or Fort Mill SC area which is approx 8 miles south of Charlotte NC. Fort Mill still has the small town feel. Fort Mill is just far enough away from Charlotte to miss the big city bad experiences but close enough to enjoy the good things Charlotte (a bigger city) offers. One last point, taxes are too high anywhere you live!


  1. Lewis says

    I was born and raised in Charlotte, NC so the changes I’m able to adapt to.
    I’d traveled abroad to bigger cities and cities in the US.

  2. New York State of Mind says

    I dont think Charlotte is the 9th worst place to live. I think its the 1st worst place to live…how many more people are they ranking companies and pr places going to make come here thinking its great..its just awful in more ways than I have time to write about.

  3. New York State of Mind says

    The only good thing about Charlotte are the cost of real estate relative to other places in the US..and maybe the property taxes..but you get what you pay for and you are not getting much here..I cant wait to sell my house and get out of the Stepford Wife town with no jobs, lousy schools and the strangest meanest “Right to Work” state attitudes youve ever seen..its awful, backward and downright nasty..and they think they are so smart here, they cant even get their lousy education system right, the roads are a joke and you better have a garage for your car or it will certainly be vandalized…dont move here, youll be sorry!

  4. New York State of Mind says

    Want to stay in the Carolinas?…South Carolina is a better choice. The state itself is better run and the cities and coastal towns are quaint and the people are more mixed in age. SC has the Grand Strand, Charleston, Hilton Head and more. Cross over the state lines between NC and SC and you will immediately see a difference. If you want to be close to Charlotte because of your job, move to Fort Mill, Tega Cay, Lake Wyle or Rock Hill..and if you really want a nice life, move to the coast.

  5. admin says

    New York State of Mind
    Thanks for making the point to live in SC especially Fort Mill, lake wylie area.


    That’s ridiclous. Apparently you people haven’t lived in many states. I lived in upstate NY for all my life and made a change to move to charlotte, nc. I live in the ballantyne area and it is just beautiful. The grounds are just meticulous, people are friendly, there is so much to do – everyone is active and so much shopping and restaurants that I dont know how everyone is still in business. I love Charlotte. And for “new york state of mind” –that’s ridiculous, lets face it New York is over priced, dirty, cold 7 months out of the year, has NOTHING to do and is depressing. This “reputation” of NY being such a great place to live makes me laugh — it’s completely overrated unless you live right in NYC…that’s the ONLY thing that the state has going for it.

  7. says

    No chance Charlotte is a miserable city to live in. I can think of quite a few other places that would be miserable to live in. Have you ever been to Houston in the summer? Now that’s miserable.

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