Opening Of New Elementary School Near Tega Cay Postponed

Last Tuesday night, the Fort Mill School Board voted to delay the opening of the new elementary school number 8 (Gold Hill Rd near Tega Cay) until 2014. See an earlier post about FM elementary school 8 planned to open 2o12.

The board also voted to move up the opening of the 9th elementary school near the Massey community on Doby’s Bridge Road to the same year 2014.

The Board’s sited reason for the open date changes are:

  1. Cost saving advantages on construction and opening the 2 new schools at the same time.
  2. Although there is an enrollment freeze at Gold Hill Elementary and and soon to be Orchard Park, there is still room at other Fort mill Elementary schools. The district wants to maximize the space at all schools and not open a new school before it is needed. Of course this means some new elementary students may have to go to a school that is in another part of town for a while. Fort Mill School District’s current elementary school facility capacity is 6,300. The district is currently at 5106 Students.
  3. Redraw the district lines once for the simultaneous opening of the 2 new schools rather then twice in separate years.
( data from reporter Jenny Overman story at the Fort Mill Times )
I am not sure what will be done with the District’s property ( Elementary School 8 ) on Gold Hill Road near Tega Cay now. Residents driving by the site currently see an abandon homes without windows. Hopefully the district will properly maintain the property including the abandon homes during the delay period.


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