Is Fort Mill Daimler Office Staying Or Closing?

Daimler Trucks New Office Building Fort Mill

The fate of whether a Daimler’s Fort Mill office  will close or stay flip flopped in the news this week. The Charlotte Business Journal reported Tuesday Sept 10th, 2013 the Daimler would announce Friday they plan to build a new headquarters in Portland , OR scrapping plans to build a new headquarters in York County. The Tuesday report also speculated the Fort Mill Daimler office employees would be moved back to Portland.

The Fort Mill Daimler Office opened in late 2008 read our 2008 post Freightliner-Daimler Trucks Fort Mill SC New Office Almost Ready.

Today it was announced in a WRHI radio report and in an updated Charlotte Business Journal report the Fort Mill Daimler office will remain open. The transferring of employees between PortLand and Fort Mill happen in a normal course of business and not due to a shut down of the office.

What is clear, the land Daimler purchased on the south side of Lake Wylie will not be the new home of the Daimler headquarters. Our sources say the land is currently for sale by Daimler.

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