Fort Mill Rated Best Place to Raise Kids In South Carolina

Fort Mill Strawberry Festival

Fort Mill Strawberry Festival 2012 – Pic Fr Festival’s Facebook Page

For those of you interested in raising a family in a small town instead of a big city, consider Fort Mill SC as a great small town. Recently ( Dec 17, 2013) Businessweek and Bloomberg Rankings evaluated more than 3200 places with populations between 5,000 and 50,000 nationwide. The small town evaluation project listed the best place to raise children in each state based on certain metrics. The metrics included public school performance, safety, housing costs, commute time, poverty, adults’ educational attainment, share of households with children, local job market, and diversity.

Here is what BloombergBusinessweek had to say about Fort Mill SC:
Population: 10,597
GreatSchools city score: 10
Median family income: $79,495
Housing costs as a percentage of income: 19.5%
County unemployment rate: 9.4%
Nearby city: Charlotte

Located at the northern edge of the state, Fort Mill is well-positioned to take advantage of all that nearby Charlotte has to offer. Its students, the beneficiaries of an excellent school system, are also surrounded by natural beauty, including Walter Y. Elisha Park (home to the South Carolina Strawberry Festival). They’re also encouraged to preserve nature through the town’s Adopt-a-Stream program.

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